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GRM FOODS PVT. LTD. – We have set a high standard in the rice manufacturing industry and keep raising the bar since 1972. We proudly uphold our tradition of spreading happiness around with supplying quality-rice to the sophisticated markets. We go beyond the bounds of possibility, and precision in our quality spills from each rice seed that gives a blow to the rice industry. Our rice brand sustains the heritage of Indian feast that bestow love and care, as we’re growing goodness for a generation. So let’s dive into luxuriance that our quality basmati rice shares with you!

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Quality Assurance

Delivering you the highest quality rice that craft an arc-of-smile on your face provides us with a sense of achievement. From our family farm, packaging, to the serving plate, our quality preciseness reflects everywhere.

Fair Price

Choose our famous Basmati Rice that is worth your craving for eating rice. We serve industry the best quality rice at a deserving price that keeps us top-of-the-line because we bring an abundance of flavors at a fair price.


Our working process keeps us ahead in this burgeoning era of competition. We dare to go beyond your wishes because we employ cutting edge technology & dedicated efforts throughout the process of delivering you the first-class rice.

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